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Condition Of People with Special Needs

All developed nations in the world are playing a responsible role for this cause. These nations have made smooth systems to stream-line the process of helping such people, by providing assistance in the form of treatment, shelter, education and employment. This is why special people in such nations are leading a peaceful life.

On the contrary, in many Asian countries, no satisfactory government effort has been undertaken for the betterment of such people, nor is any zeal or enthusiasm present among public/private sectors for this cause. What makes this situation more pitiful is that the common people are hardly aware of the difficulties faced by the people with special needs. Pakistan is also one such country in South Asia where the special people and children are facing numerous problems.

The Possible Solution

The distressed state of the special children of Pakistan requires an organized campaign for their rights. Awareness should be created among the general public for the rights and betterment of the special people through this campaign. Along with the awareness campaign, concrete steps should be taken to take care of this special community. For this purpose, strong and immediate efforts are required. For example, the construction of centers having hostels, educational institutes and health centers. Through these centers thousands of the children with special needs can benefit and improve their lives. The special children, due to lack of facilities and training, are trudging through hardships. They can be relieved of their problems if their disabilities are dealt with, at a professional level. Apart from that, arrangements can be made to help such children who have nobody to take care of them.

What is Needed?

The vision mentioned above is difficult to achieve, but is not impossible. Millions of rupees are required to achieve this goal. Apparently raising such funds seems difficult but not impossible. Allah (SWT) has granted such abilities and qualities to humans, that they are able to light candles in storms. With the help of Allah (SWT), man can turn the most difficult tasks to be very easy. Collective efforts and contributions can make this huge and complex task to be accomplished in a short time.

For the special children throughout the country development programs have been started by M. M. Mohiuddin and his friends. They have decided to establish an organization by the name of Nusrat Trust for the Special Children in Karachi. Currently, this organization is working under their direct supervision to achieve these goals. M. M. Mohiuddin is a well known social worker in Pakistan as well as other countries. He holds a special influence on the different communities in Pakistan and abroad. Before this he has established many such organizations through which thousands of people are benefitting. Nusrat Trust for Special Children Karachi has laid the foundations for the establishment of such centers throughout Pakistan. Material efforts are being finalized for the construction of Malir Nusrat Complex for Special Children in Karachi, which is the first center in the series. This would be South Asia’s largest and most unique complex. All sorts of various facilities will be provided in it for children with special needs, like boarding, lodging, education, medical facilities and entertainment.

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