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Appeal for Wheelchair

The execution of wheelchair Scheme for Special Children has been carried out by Nusrat Trust for Special Children for
those crippled children who are come from poor families. Their parents cannot provide means for their necessities. The
helplessness of these poor parents is a great handicap in the sustenance of these handicapped children. The poverty
and helplessness of parents is insurmountable. They are deprived of all help. Their miserable condition can only be known
when watched from close quarters. The majority of these poor children belong to rural areas. They are deprived of all
facilities, as they come from far off rural areas.

The wheelchair Scheme for Special Children is for those poor, crippled children who are more than eleven years of age, and can’t be carried in lap or in arms.

The Cost of One Wheel Chair: Rs. 5,000 only

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