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Malir Nusrat Complex

Nusrat Trust has bought five acres of land from the Government of Pakistan for the construction of Malir Nusrat Complex
for Special Children. The designing of the complex was done by Arch Vision Plus, which is an internationally acclaimed
company. Mr. Akbar Jameel is an architect and an expert in designing. He designed the entire complex free of cost on
the basis of humanitarian service. His utmost kindness and sincerity is admirable. He has taken into consideration the
comfort and accommodation of the special children. His plans also include furnishing the complex with modern facilities.
This complex consists of a nursery school, high school, hostel, hospital, flats for the staff, a management office block,
houses for the doctor and directors, a mosque and some recreational facilities like a park. Nusrat Trust has commenced
the preparations for the construction of complex

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Malir Nusrat Complex

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