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Our Aims And Objectives

1.  To endeavor for the welfare of children with special needs.

2.  In accordance with the first aim, we intend to construct modern complexes complete with all facilities available free of cost. These will include
     accommodation, education, medical and recreational facilities.

3.  To establish institutes of high caliber for those special children who have the potential to be educated, in order to make them independent and
     all-rounded citizens.

4.  For those special children who unable to get educated due to their age but still have the ability to learn skills, workshops will be designed and
     started for them. This would enable them to lead a productive and relatively prosperous life.

5.  To establish hospitals that provide complete and free treatment those special children whose disability is curable.

6.  Those special children who don’t have any useful ability whatsoever and do not have any relative who can look after them, they will be
     accommodated for life in the complex where they would be looked after.

7.  To establish a permanent club that will consistently make the opportunities available for sports and recreation and its necessities.

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