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Introduction to Nusrat Trust

Nusrat Trust is a non-government organization established solely for the cause of children with special needs, who are the weakest part of our society. The aim
of Nusrat Trust for Special Children is to make efforts for the betterment of children with special needs, who deserve help and kindness from the society. If the
government and society ignore them, they are left with no means of their own to lead a happy and settled life. Such people need the help of the more affluent
people of the society. Therefore, on humanitarian basis, it is our duty to help these people.

Message from General Secretary of Nusrat Trust

The vision of Nusrat Trust for Special Children (NTSC) is to strive for the betterment of the poor, emotionally scarred and distressed lot, mostly from
underprivileged and disadvantaged backgrounds. These mentally and physically challenged children crave for all necessary attention, love, compassion and
practical enduring service as the society tends to ignore them with unseeing eyes. Yet they surely exist, but just. Clearly, they cannot improve their lot by
themselves and thus the responsibility to alleviate their misery and suffering needs to be shouldered by generous and compassionate people of our society.
Very few feel the pain of special children and sadly, that includes in certain cases, their very own kith and kin. Understandably, increasing economic woes and
rising deterioration of civic infrastructure in many South Asian countries including Pakistan contribute to a general apathy towards the disadvantaged. There are
no live-in centers for their upkeep, and an abject disregard for special children’s education and upbringing is truly appalling. Only lip service is abundant for their
supposed welfare in public and private circles. These children suffer badly for lack of funds and undergo unending misery day after day with no light at the end
of the tunnel. They are literally tens of thousands in number and can still become useful members of society with your timely support and encouragement by
way personal time, talent and generosity.

All praise to Almighty Allah, NTSC has, as a singular mission since 2011, taken on this challenging endeavor by initiating a program to address the long-
ignored issue for helping special children all over Pakistan. We are humbly confident that our honest efforts will render desired results as people continue to
join us in this caravan of piety and compassion. Nusrat Trust must succeed to serve disenfranchised special children with our fervent prayer that all such
Pakistani children benefit through it.


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