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  Details Of The Building Complex  

Malir Nusrat Complex consists of three hundred and sixty rooms.

1.Primary school
    The nursery school’s building consists of 27 rooms. These will include classrooms, rooms for children to stay in, halls for playing, drawing
     room, kitchen etc.

2. High school:

    The high school building will consist of 55 rooms. These will include classrooms, labs, principal’s office etc.

3. Hostel:
    The number of rooms to be constructed for the hostel building is 71. Rooms for children to reside in, kitchen, dining hall and rooms for the staff
     are all included in this building.

4. Hospital:
     20 large rooms are to be made for the hospital. These rooms will allow 20 beds for patients, an operating theater, an x-ray room and a

5. Flats for the staff: 

     29 flats are to be constructed for the staff responsible for educating and looking after the children with special needs. These flats will be a total      of 126 rooms.

6. Residency Blocks for Doctors:
     5 separate houses are to be built for the doctors. There will be a total of 40 rooms in these houses.

7. Office Management Block
     The office management block is designed to have 21 rooms.

8. Mosque:
    Next to the mosque there will be 6 classrooms dedicated to the teaching of the Quran. Also, there will be 2 flats with 3 bedrooms in each for
    the Imam and the Moazzin.
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