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The Food-Help Scheme

Nusrat Trust has started the Food-Help Scheme to assist those special children who belong to poor households. This
scheme is specifically for those special children whose parents are unable to bring them up properly or satisfy their
basic needs due to lack of resources and poverty. The helpless nature of those special children along with the burden
of poverty troubles the entire family. Only by seeing these struggling families is one able to determine the true extent
of hardships. The population of these special people reaches thousands and is spread out to distant localities all over

Through Nusrat Trust Food-Help Scheme, these families of poverty-stricken children are given one thousand rupees
every month. This is done in order to assist the parents in bringing up their children by improving their food, clothes
and cleanliness. However, taking into account the sheer amount of needs of these families, this amount seems quite
small. The Trust is considering increasing this amount to rupees one thousand and five hundred every month when
more funds will be available.

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