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Appeal for Nusrat Complex

The construction of Malir Nusrat Complex for Special Children has begun, but with limited funds. However the estimate of the net cost for the complex is 650 million.

We appeal to the affluent people in society to cooperate with us through monetary help, for the betterment and well-being of children with special needs. The
cooperation of well-off members of society via their concern and monetary aid has always been the source of pleasure and smiles of the special children. We
too have to keep these children smiling and happy. And the only way to achieve is to provide them with quality education and a comfortable home. This will
help secure a bright and contented future for them. For these purposes to be satisfied, monetary aid is highly vital.

Details Of The Expenses Of Construction


You Can Help Us

Your donations can be in the form of cash, draft in the name of the Trust, material for construction, cement, metal and
concrete. You can also pay for the construction of one or more rooms or the making of an entire block. Your donations
can also be in the form of bedding and/or classroom supplies. Your arrangement for even one piece of bedding or
classroom provisions will benefit thousands of children with special needs.

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